Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Toot, Toot!

So after about a year and a half or so of agonizing, pulling teeth, throwing things, and a ridiculous amount of hope that at times felt really really foolish, I went into my Consistory meeting last night and said the following:

"I think I can now say that we have a senior high youth program."

It even drew a little applause.

If there's anything that I've learned about the church the past several years while trying to get this thing off the ground, it's that patience, no matter how irritating and frustrating and despicable and ridiculous it seems, is an absolute must.

Would I say that if I were still agonizing and throwing things? Probably not. But it worked in this case.

I guess that this post was to toot my own horn a little. But mostly it was the patience thing. Because that only happened by the grace of God.

There was also a "don't be afraid of success" thing and a "be thankful for what you have" thing in there, but mostly I'm sticking with patience in this entry.

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