Friday, November 09, 2007

A Wedding Meme?

I'm feeling a little sappy, so why not?

1. How long were you and your wife dating before you got engaged? A year and change.

2. What date did you get engaged? April 2, 2000

3. [Question about maiden names that does not apply]

4. Any special story about the engagement to share? After I proposed, she went to call everyone she knew and I went to watch Wrestlemania with some frat brothers.

5. My In-Laws are (choose all that apply):
a. Very welcoming
b. Part of a huge family…I will need name tags
c. Not excited about the marriage
d. Divorced
e. Contributing money to help
f. Marrying off their only child

6. When did you get married? June 15, 2002

7. Did you leave the next morning for your Honeymoon? We have yet to take a honeymoon. We didn't have any money at the time and we just recently started to really make money, but now we're pregnant, so maybe by the time we're married for 10 years we'll get around to that.

8. Was the ceremony in a church? If not, where? Yep. We held it at a humongous Baptist church that in hindsight we didn't really need.

9. What were your wedding colors? Black and gold.

10. Which attributes are true about her wedding dress?
(I don't know what half these other things mean)
Family Heirloom

11. Who was your Best Man? My good buddy The Masked Doctoral Student.

12. What time was the ceremony? Haha...I forget. 2:30, maybe?

13. Wrote your own vows? Nope. Pretty much straight out of the UCC Book of Worship.

14. How much was the photographer?
a. My pictures were a gift
b. Under $500
c. $500-$1000
d. $1000-$1500
e. $1500 up
f. Don’t remember

15. Did you go with fresh flowers? Yes.

16. Who gave the Toast? Again, that would be The Masked Doctoral Student.

17. How long was her veil? No clue.

18. Did it rain on your wedding day? No.

19. Did you have a head table? Yep.

20. The food served was:
a. A multiple course meal, served – 2+ choices for entrée
b. A multiple course meal, served – 1 choice entrée (Right? Man, I suck at this)
c. A buffet
d. A Bar-B-Que
e. Appetizers only

21. Live band or a DJ? We had a little of both, but mostly a band.

22. Open bar? Yep.

23. Did you have a Mother/Son Dance? What song? Yep. "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion. In hindsight, I would've gone with "I'll Remember" by Madonna.

24. [Question about tossing the bouquet that does not apply]

25. The ‘Feeding of the cake’ was:
a. Very civil
b. I got caked, but then I got revenge!
c. He got caked, but was kind to me.
d. A little here, a little there
e. Cake everywhere!!!!!

26. What color did your Mother wear to your wedding? A gold/champagne type color.

27. What was the song for your first dance as Husband and Wife? "Kissing You" by Des'ree

28. What was the best wedding gift you received? Either the George Foreman grill or the milkshake maker. Yeah.

29. Did you stay for the entire reception? Nope.

30. OK, there is always at least one disaster at weddings…what was yours? One of my groomsmen fainted during the ceremony.

31. If you could change one thing about your wedding day, what would it be? I'd have had my cousin as a groomsman. That was really really dumb.