Saturday, December 01, 2007

100 Things Meme

It's pretty self-explanatory. 10 categories with 10 items each. I did this one over the span of a couple days, as my attention span allowed. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this meme comes courtesy of Nachfolge, the newest addition to the bloglist.

I have lived
1. in five different parsonages, including right now, for a grand total of about 16 years of my 28-year existence.
2. in a duplex.
3. in the other side of that duplex.
4. in three different states: Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri.
5. in a shoe-box apartment on the campus of Eden Seminary, which seemed to shrink exponentially after I got married.
6. in a college dorm room only one out of the four years I was there.
7. in various on-campus houses the other three.
8. in a rented fixer-upper house the summer before my senior year of college with three frat brothers, my eventual wife, and one frat brother's now-ex-girlfriend.
9. next to a guy from Ghana whose apartment always smelled funny from his cooking.
10. in the staff house of a UCC camp.

I have witnessed
1. a nut fall off a tree, roll across the road, and get smashed under the tire of a passing truck (it was much cooler than this sounds).
2. kittens being born.
3. a policeman put a wounded deer out of its misery.
4. the death of an elderly woman in the ICU.
5. a school of fish swimming around me in the ocean.
6. a storm rolling over the hills in South Dakota.
7. some weird stuff happen in the haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis.
8. a fan run across the outfield and then get clotheslined by a security guard at a Phillies game.
9. back-to-back state basketball championships won by my high school.
10. Jerry "The King" Lawler walk through the Cleveland airport.

I have heard
1. Dave Matthews Band in concert twice.
2. a seminary professor detail the phases of menopause during a sermon in chapel, a moment that has lived on in infamy among my classmates ever since.
3. enough razzing by Buckeye fans to last a lifetime.
4. our baby's heartbeat.
5. the University of Michigan marching band in person.
6. Bach's Toccata in D Minor used as a worship postlude. That was cool.
7. my confirmands tell me that church is boring.
8. my cat meow for her freedom after accidentally being shut in the closet.
9. a roomful of snoring during my week in New Orleans, which caused me to seek out earplugs.
10. the wind blow so hard up where my house is located that I've wondered if we're under a tornado warning.

I have lost
1. 20 pounds in seminary after gaining 35 (I did lose that other 15, but found it again).
2. my Michigan tie.
3. lots of mechanical pencils.
4. a bunch of notebooks full of drawings.
5. a good friend in a tornado.
6. any inkling I may have had that "traditional" worship is the only true form of worship.
7. lots of games of euchre.
8. my prescription card.
9. my copy of the movie Necessary Roughness.
10. any pretense that Church As We Know It is the only right way to do it ever.

I have found
1. a vintage leather dress jacket at a thrift store (I call it my "pimp jacket").
2. that Chipotle is pretty much the best restaurant ever.
3. that if you give them space to ask, youth have a lot of questions about God.
4. that emerging church stuff can be applied in a mainline context.
5. that playing my drums helps me solve a lot of problems.
6. that it is indeed possible to successfully curb "job restlessness."
7. that fair trade coffee actually tastes better than Folgers.
8. that it's possible to see my seminary buddies more than once a year at the reunion.
9. that I'm more a big-city person than I thought I was before I lived in St. Louis.
10. that disciplined diet and exercise of the non-half-assed variety actually causes you to lose weight! Who knew?

I love
1. my wife.
2. the thought of being a daddy.
3. Detroit and U-M sports teams...and the Indians.
4. my Chocolate phone.
5. french fries.
6. my guitar.
7. vanilla bean cheesecake.
8. my cats.
9. reading.
10. blogging.

I can
1. roll my tongue.
2. sing all the words to "Baby Got Back."
3. swing dance.
4. only grow good full facial hair right under my bottom lip (the "soul patch," for the uninformed).
5. play guitar.
6. apply the figure-four leglock.
7. twirl drumsticks.
8. operate a popcorn sprayer.
9. drive stick.
10. draw Garfield.

I loathe
1. Ohio State.
2. sweatervests.
3. Ohio State sweatervests.
4. every Taco Bell commercial ever made.
5. internet pop-ups.
6. "music" that's nothing but seemingly random noise that people insist is some kind of high art.
7. the New York Yankees.
8. committee meetings.
9. Maroon 5.
10. Ohio State.

I hope
1. that I don't suck as a father.
2. that Michigan's next head coach returns the program to glory...or at least beats the Buckeyes.
3. that my church might help younger people find something genuine and exciting about Jesus, even if that means (GASP~!) changing something.
4. that my wife and I still find time to be my wife and I after the baby's born.
5. to go back to New Orleans some day.
6. to live in Michigan again some day.
7. to get my third tattoo in the next few months.
8. that I don't move too often during my ministry career.
9. that Ohio State gets embarrassed again if they make it into the NC game.
10. that the Detroit Tigers finish what they started in 2006.

I am trying
1. to finish this meme.
2. to lose 5-10 pounds.
3. not to worry too much about being a parent.
4. to figure out ways to bring the church into the 21st century.
5. to decide on whether I'd like to pursue another degree, and if so in what and from where.
6. to finish my Christmas shopping.
7. to get a crib out of my car.
8. not to get too upset at the cat who keeps pooping on the floor instead of in the box.
9. to keep up with the laundry.
10. not to sweat the small stuff.