Monday, December 03, 2007

First Monday of Advent

Today should be the last shopping trip that we have to make. That greatly excites me, because that means for the next 3 weeks I won't have to worry about that stuff. I can instead turn my attention to sitting around in my pajamas drinking coffee and laughing at everyone else.

Yesterday was a good day. First, the worship service went very well. I'm kind of a stickler for singing Advent hymns instead of Christmas carols, although I'm not completely rigid. This being "not completely rigid" attitude in part comes from the fact that our hymnal only has maybe three Advent hymns in it. The old E & R hymnal, which we still keep in the pews, has a much better selection, but still not enough to cover four Sundays. So I end up pulling a lot of Advent tunes from the E&R and then mix them with a few lesser-known, lesser-sung Christmas carols from our main hymnal (also in part to placate those who want more Christmas during Advent). So for instance, yesterday's original lineup was "Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus," "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence," and "Of the Father's Love Begotten."

I say "original" lineup, because when I wandered into the sanctuary while the organist was practicing "Of the Father's Love Begotten," I remembered that after we'd sung it the previous year I'd vowed that we'd never sing it again. It's not a bad song per se, but it's a horrible melody. So I guess that's to say that it is a bad song, or at least very hard for a congregation unfamiliar with it to sing. So at the last minute I announced that we'd sing "Watchman Tell Us of the Night" instead. That tune is much more familiar to people, I think.

The other big event of the day was going to see one of the church's kids in the play version of A Christmas Story. He'd landed the role of Ralphie for the second straight year, and this year the church had been able to coordinate a group to go see him. We were in the middle section right down front, which was a lot better than my seat up next to the lighting booth last year.

And this morning, there's a nice dusting of snow on the ground. One thing that I love about the setting of my home and the church is that when you get a snow like this, it makes for a beautiful scene. Waking up to this while I make the coffee and switch on the Christmas tree lights is a great start to the day.

Next Monday, I'll have babies on the brain. I have a baptism on Sunday, and then early Monday morning we find out WHETHER IT'S A BOY OR A GIRL!! WOO!