Thursday, December 20, 2007


This is a story that I'm slightly embarrassed to tell, but it's interesting where it all ends up.

I started a Myspace account last night. OMG ADD ME 2 YOR BUDDIEZ~!

I had a specific reason for doing it. I discovered through my statcounter that some guy had found an old post of mine and had made a brief post about it. I thought that he'd misunderstood what I'd written, and I wanted to respond. However, the only way to do so was to sign up.

So I signed up, with very little details added to my profile because I wasn't really interested in TEH NETWORKINGZ. But right before I hit "submit" on a reply to his post, I realized what a loser set of actions this was just to respond to a guy on Myspace. LOLOMG!!11

So I dropped the whole thing and added a little personal message to the top of the entry he misunderstood instead for all future visitors from his place.

Now I told you that story to tell you this one. I signed up for this account last night. I checked it this morning just to see if anything new had occurred. There was nothing new in this post I'd been watching, but between last night and this morning I already had a message from some girl looking for local guys to hook up with (this girl is in Texas, so she's not that great with TEH GEOGRAPHEEZ). I haven't had my account for 24 hours and already I'm getting random propositions from people obviously not that interested in doing a little research first? What kind of crap is going on on that site, man? No wonder we hear about people getting killed for deciding to meet up through this place! They don't seem to do a lot of TEH BRAIN USINGZ.

So that's the story of the beginning and end of my relationship with MySpace. Maybe it'd be worthwhile to build relationships with the church youth if they have pages, but there are a whole lot of other relationships on there that I'm not interested in. I'd reconsider for the former. Someday.