Friday, December 07, 2007

POC's Greatest Hits

I still haven't started a new book and House was a repeat. So I'm foregoing the Roundup this week to point you back to some of my favorite entries of 2007.

Thinking Out Loud About John 14:6, Part 1
Thinking Out Loud About John 14:6, Part 2

I'd been wrestling with the meaning and implications of a verse like this, so I typed out some thoughts on what the verse says, and eventually mused a little on interfaith relations and the nature of humanity's relationship to God and each other. Probably the most theological I got on this blog the past year.

The Emerging Church in Rural Ohio

This was my critique of a perceived trend in the emerging church conversation that the only and/or best places for emerging forms of church to take place is in larger cities. For all the talk about engaging the punk or hipster scenes, all the talk about meeting in coffeehouses or clubs, there didn't seem to be much of a small town or rural equivalent mentioned. This entry eventually made its way into Next Wave E-zine's August issue.

Children's Sermons That Textweek Rejected

A parody of most children's sermon suggestions found in books or on the internet. I tried to hit some of the worst offenders: a sermon that greatly simplifies the Bible story and hands out absurd "reminders," a sermon that treats the kids like idiots, and a sermon that calls for way more preparation than the pastor is willing to give. This entry set the record for number of comments, so I guess I hit on some truth.

A Review of Take This Bread by Sara Miles
A Review of Shopping For God by James Twitchell

One of my favorite things to do for this blog is review books. I don't know why. Here are the two reviews that I posted this past year. These ended up being two of my favorite books for the year as well.

Sometimes I Get Tired, Too

An entry about how worn out I feel sometimes just looking at some of the stuff that Christians are buying into these days. Whether it's a particular attitude, an aversion to pop culture, or some contribution to the Christian subculture, sometimes it makes me want to chuck the whole thing. This was me saying as much.

New Orleans, Part 1
New Orleans, Part 2
New Orleans, Epilogue

My series of entries recounting my work trip to New Orleans in October. This was one of those defining experiences for me, and probably the highlight of my year.