Sunday, December 16, 2007

Third Monday of Advent

It's being posted early because my home internet is not cooperating. I'm actually writing this from the church, which I don't particularly like to do, but Coffeewife just left for work and the combination of the weather and the lack of attention to the local roads is keeping me from what I really want to be doing. So I have the time.

A friend of mine is being ordained at the exact moment that I'm typing this. Way to stay on top of things, county workers.

Worship went pretty well this morning. The little trio that I'm a part of did our rendition of The Barenaked Ladies' "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." We'd sung it a few Christmas Eves ago but figured we could dust it off and do it again. And then I got up for my sermon and totally demolished the view of Mary where she's all starry-eyed and slightly British. Ever notice that in a lot of movies based on the Bible, everyone is slightly British? Yeah, I made fun of that. A lot. Afterwards I had two people come through the line saying that they were laughing so hard at that that they'd started crying. I think that's a new level of preaching for me! I even channeled some of Lewis Black's hand gestures. If you've ever watched him, you know what I'm talking about.

I sent my senior high kids home without Charlie Brown today. The weather was getting too craptastic and I just wasn't going to mess with it. I myself have not yet settled in to watch it, so this may be in my evening plans.

The rest of the week is a very light one for me, work-wise. Wednesday evening is our Blue Christmas service, but otherwise it's that part of the month where I figure it's better to leave people to their holiday planning. I have to clean the house myself to prepare for some out of town visitors this next weekend, so that suits me just fine. My Christmas Eve reflection is already written, so that's one less thing, too.