Wednesday, January 02, 2008



Thoughts From Jeff said...

They played a very good game offensively. I was a little dumb-founded with Mike and his laughter as well .. on both of them.

But, they definitely showed what they could do when they are healthy. Manningham showed why I thought he had a chance to be Heisman material if they would open it up downfield to him more.

erin said...

Matt and I were dumbfounded that he would laugh and walk over to the sidelines like he did after he cost them two touchdowns. Un. believable.

But, they played a great game and while we were NOT rooting for them, we are pleased that Urban Meyer and those stupid Gators lost.

Go Big Ten! ;)


Gene said...

While other folks were upset with Mike Hart after seeing him laugh off those two fumbles, I saw a good sport. What a refreshing attitude to have in the modern game.