Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Blog-iversary to Me

Three years ago today, Philosophy Over Coffee was born.

It began on a lark and its writer figured that it'd fizzle out in a few months.

Over time, the writer discovered that he was too much of an internet nerd to let it go.

Nowadays, most of his closest friends and family stop by regularly (Coffeefriends? Coffeefamily?), along with at least one colleague from his Association and one of Coffeewife's co-workers. But it also has found regular readership from fellow bloggers and loyal readers.

The great debate for him remains whether to go totally non-anonymous and what difference it would really make.

In the meantime, thanks to all members of the CoffeeNation for reading. Yes, I just coined that term now and I'm keeping it.


Rick said...

Anonymity has it's rewards and sacrifices. I've been lurking/feed-reading for awhile - as long as your writing and style don't change, and as long as you don't lose anything, then I think either way you're good to go.

Unsolicited and unhelpful advice is a specialty of mine :)

Ruth said...

Quasi-Anonymous works for me (Hi, just found you today!)

Then again I'll probably set up a second blog when I start seminary.

Happy Blog-iversary.

Anonymous said...

I like the quasi-anonymous nature of the blog. As a pastor's wife and mother I'll give this advice - You can continue to write about your pastoral experiences without a reader calling a member of your congregation about something you wrote.

Anonymous said...

I will also put my voice in for quasiness.

But I now want a CoffeeNation(TM?) golf shirt from the CoffeeNation (TM?) merchandise line. Colbert has nothing over you ... except a staff of striking writers.

I feel a book coming on ... "I Am CoffeeNation(TM?), And So Can You."

--bdb, Coffeefriend

Anonymous said...

The reverend mother makes a good point. I might add that this would also allow your family to stay quasi-anonymous and thus be able to harass you as necessary. And show our love and pride and ah...anyway, happy blog-iversary!

XO Pammy

erin said...

ooh, I agree with the CoffeeNation t-shirt!! I want one!! :)

I just realized it's been entirely too long since I've seen you guys. :( We really must figure something out for 2008....

Happy Blog-iversary!!


Jeff Nelson said...

Heh. I did actually consider creating something on cafepress before, but figured that that might be overstepping the true reaches of this blog's relevance.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Anniversary! It's always good to see what's going on with friends!

-That Guy from Chicago

Thoughts From Jeff said...

definitely pros and cons

The church loves to see my thoughts in print .... however, it has caused some *grumbling* in some areas and sometimes members commenting on my blog has caused others "trouble"

I am just curious to know how close you are to me :)


Anonymous said...

As a therapist I've remained semi-anonymous. It works for me. I'm interested to see what you decide.