Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Almost Here

I'm just getting positively giddy for the beginning of Lent.


Let me just say that if you've never "gotten into" Lent before, iMonk's got you covered with some places to start.

As for myself, I wrote my reflection for Ash Wednesday this week (see? GIDDY~!), in which I play off of those annoying HeadOn commercials. You know the one: "Apply directly to the forehead!" Get it?

The Ash Wednesday service is one of my favorite services that I lead all year. There's a different atmosphere in evening worship, and this service is so simple, yet so meaningful. For a church this size, we get a good crowd for it, too.

Subsequent Wednesdays, we'll do our soup supper and program thing. This year I'm going a pretty straightforward route and leading reflections on Jesus' final week, based on Borg and Crossan's book. I'm especially looking forward to discussing Palm Sunday and views on atonement...I think people will be into that.

As far as any sort of discipline goes, you may recall that I'm going to strive for this quality over quantity thing on this blog, the specifics of which I'll share next week. I figured that maybe with the extra time I'll have I'll pick up a devotional of some sort and work through that as well.

But before we get into all that, every lectionary-following preacher knows that we have to trudge through the Transfiguration first. It only recently occurred to me how large the collective groan lifted up at the prospect of preaching this event can be. Really, how many different ways can one preach on this? I inevitably rag on Peter's reaction to the vision, and it's no different this year. I'm going to state that Peter misses the point by thinking that the best response to this vision is to build a shrine and visit it...oh...let's say weekly. Sound familiar? Okay, basically I'm going to say that weekly worship is part of our lives as disciples, but it's not the only thing or even the main thing. The problem is when we treat it like the main thing like Peter tries to do. The most important thing turns out to be listening to Jesus.

All right, time to get ready for work.