Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The Internet Monk reflects on pastors' temptation to quit or to move on to a different ministry:

We all- and I say this not with omniscience, but with confidence in what I’ve learned over the years- ALL have moments where we want to just type a letter and say, “I quit. I can’t do this anymore.” Quitting looks good at times. It promises a jolt of power, self-determination and the ability to demonstrate to others the depths of grievance or upset.


I have great appreciation for people who don’t quit, even when they are strongly tempted to do so. There are honorable ways to leave a ministry or job, and there are ways that amount to nothing more than an infantile tantrum. There are ways to leave that are so hurtful, they surpass whatever unfairness or frustration the person may have felt.

I appreciate all of you who haven’t quit when it’s been hard to keep going in ministry and serving others. I’m glad my parents didn’t give up on their marriage. I’m glad my wife hasn’t given up on me. I’m glad that I’ve stayed at this ministry 16 years. (And I’ve often felt I couldn’t do anything else that could possibly make it worth another day.)

Read the whole thing. It's very good.

Brant gives us a great mental image:

I went running and shoved my glasses up my nose and almost killed myself.

I went running, and I had a towel in my hand, and my glasses were in the towel, and I wanted to dry my eyes, but the ear-handle-thing from my glasses was sticking out, and I didn't see it, and when I raised my hand to my face, I shoved the ear-handle-thing up my nose, all the way. All the way.

I went running, and my glasses went deep into my sinuses, and, from what I could tell, behind my eye. I went running, and I think I did what I normally don't do during my run, which is to say, I think I touched my brain from the inside.

Half my face started crying. I went running, and I felt like someone just punched the inside my face.