Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Some Stuff Happened

And thus I hit my halfway point of glancing across the parking lot, looking at my place of work, shrugging, and then doing something else.

Yesterday was a good day, as perhaps the graphic below indicates. We headed over to my parents' for the day for food, finally getting around to exchanging presents, and what we thought would be an afternoon of wincing through the Capital One Bowl. As it turns out, there was a little wincing involved, but all in all it was a surprisingly enjoyable game. Michigan, as others have written, showed what could have been if 1) everyone had been healthy, 2) they hadn't believed their own hype before App. State, and 3) Carr had been a little more adventurous. A strong game by everyone, including Mike Hart. My brother and I turned on him a little after he fumbled a yard from the endzone and then laughed about it jogging back to the sideline. Yeah. Real funny. The rest of the evening was spent playing various games including the most vicious game of Catchphrase I've ever been a part of.

Today was spent looking across the parking lot, shrugging, and moving on. Then after Coffeewife left for work, I meandered over to Barnes and Noble to make use of the gift card I received from my in-laws. Thanks to the entire Christmas experience this year, I have a stack of books from which to choose for the first time in quite a while. I've got a book recounting the history of the Detroit Tigers, I've got a devotional book, I've got a memoir...there will be no need for any book purchasing for quite a while, and honestly, at the rate I've been reading the past few weeks, that'll be okay.

Of course, I have had a few ministry/church things on my mind this week. But I'm refusing to write about them at least until Monday. Honestly, I needed this week like I needed...uh...something I really freaking needed. Good similes are in short supply.

But enough about that. Maybe tonight I'll take down the Christmas tree.