Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Stirring Conclusion

It's Easter. Happy Easter.

That also means that it's the end of Lent, and of the Big Serious Blogging Experiment. Let's recap where we've been on this little ride:

Green - freaking out about fatherhood
Atonement - rambling reflections on what the cross means
Darren - reflecting on the loss of a friend (counts as 2)
Review of "Becoming a Pastor" by Jaco J. Hamman - pretty self-explanatory
Dress - pastors really are normal people
I Was Watching - preacher's kids in the ministry
I Want to Preach at General Synod - sticking up for the everypastor
The UCC, Obama, and the IRS - quotes and thoughts on the current dustup

Most of these "essays" were well-received. People seemed to gloss over the book review, which was fine. The cat story didn't get much of a response either, although I was asked by a concerned friend if it was a masked cry for help. I sort of had a feeling someone would wonder that, but I assure everyone that I'm fine. I just needed a good setup for Eve's revelation.

If I had to pick my favorites, they'd be "Green," "Darren," and "I Want to Preach at General Synod." I worked the hardest on those and loved how they turned out.

Again, I found that I had to be very deliberate about timing. Since I only had so many "essays" to post, I had to figure out how many days to leave each one up before posting the next one. I also had to be deliberate about posting order. It would have been kind of a downer if, for instance, I'd posted two or three of the more serious entries one after another. Likewise, when it came down to the last two entries, it seemed like two Synod-related posts in a row might seem redundant, or that "I Want to Preach..." would be received differently if the Obama entry had been posted first. So I guess I learned something not only about timing, but also about marketing.

Where does POC go from here? Well, to be honest, as much as I enjoyed this, I certainly don't feel the need to stay in permanent "essay" mode. For instance, I want to blog about my weekend. I think I want to say something more about Obama. I want to blog about the Tigers and Indians. I can't do all that if I'm always striving to be a Big Serious Blogger. I mean, I'll still try to maintain a higher quality, but I don't want to make it a constant Big Serious Thing.

So we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging at Philosophy Over Coffee.

Except less memes. I think I'll do less memes.

Enjoy your Easter.