Friday, April 18, 2008

Pop Culture Roundup

As I've mentioned, I've been re-reading Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. I think that when I first read this book, I didn't fully appreciate the narrator's personal musings on everyday, seemingly mundane experiences. For example, he mentions watching a couple walking under a tree after a rain, and the man grabbing a branch and dousing them both with the water from the leaves. The narrator ties this into baptism, and how water is for blessing before it is for gardening or washing clothes. He muses about a facial expression that his son makes, or some activity that they share, and he's able to find the joy and mystery of those types of things and give thanks for them. I really like that.

We watched Ghost Hunters, as we usually do, and this week found them at a resort in New Hampshire to investigate employees' accounts of noises and sightings. In particular, they investigated the "queen's room," which is supposedly still occupied by "the queen" (I may have that term wrong...maybe it's princess...I dunno). When rooting through their collected recordings, the team catches footsteps and a woman's voice ("the queen?") actually responding to the investigators' questions. This was a good one. They aren't all good. But this one was good.

The past two nights I got to first watch the Tigers smack down the Indians, and then the Indians smack down the Tigers. It was a little ridiculous. In his past starts, it could be argued that Verlander wasn't getting run support to complement his decent to good pitching. Last night, however, it was pretty clear that he didn't know where the strike zone was. And as if that wasn't enough, he beaned Jason Michaels after giving up a Ryan Garko home run, which seemed to be intentional. So of course Carmona gets up there and hits both Santiago and Sheffield (Sheffield, by the way, gave him a look afterwards that seemed to say, "I could very well destroy your face right now, but I choose not's your ball back"). So in the Unwritten Code of Ballplayers, everything is square now, right? Apparently Bobby Seay didn't think so, as he comes in and beans another Cleveland player. This is gonna be a long year between these two teams.

Around the web, check out Stuff White People Like. This is a satirical look at "white culture," although one may find that in particular it tends to satirize the young middle class proto-liberal hipster wing of "white culture." It took me a bit to make up my mind about this, but after scrolling down and reading the entry on dinner parties, I was convinced. A fun read if you "get it."