Thursday, July 17, 2008

Help the Wittenburg Door

It was revealed on Facebook (yes, I'm on Facebook...we can laugh about that later) that The Wittenburg Door, a Christian satire magazine of immense hilarity, has suspended print publication due to financial strains:

As some of you know, the print publication of the Wittenburg Door has been temporarily suspended. We have a revamped website - if you haven't already subscribe to the free newsletter, so you can be kept apprised of the latest humor bits posted on the website.

Harry Guetzlaff, one of the major forces behind putting out the Door, is now in hospice care. Robert Darden, Sr. Editor of the Wittenburg Door (print version), went to see him and has this report:

He is very, very thin and spends most of his time in bed. The doctors really, really want him to eat and sit up (and even occasionally walk around), but he simply has quit eating. Says food hurts and makes him feel worse. Of course, he can't go home or continue chemo unless he's stronger and he won't get stronger until he eats. It may be that he simply doesn't want to.
He says he is in no pain (and the doctors concur).
I don't know if he is ever going home or how much time he lasts. John Bojo thinks we have perhaps three months -- more if he'll eat.

What he really, really wants is for The Door to continue as a print and web venture.
To that end, Mary and Kim (our designer) are heading up a DoorKeepers campaign. They'll be contacting 100s (perhaps 1,000s) of people, harvesting all of The Door's e-mail contacts in recent years. They've been working with John Bojo and Ole to establish a non-profit board of friends who will be financial sustainers of the magazine at different financial levels. Their goal is to make it self-sufficient so that we won't have to rely on a single "angel" to put out another issue.
If you are interested in learning more about this campaign, please feel free to contact:

Feel free to pass this email along to anyone you feel might be interested - blog about it if you're so inclined. Yes, this is the perils of publishing in the 21st century but too many people tell us that Door is "church" for them and they cherish their print magazines beyond just another rag to read that I pray we can continue here.

Prayers as always are appreciated.


Becky G.
The man written about above, Harry Guetzlaff, has since passed away. So now the Door staff is dealing with grief and financial problems.

If you are an appreciator of the Door's willingness to show just how naked the Christian Culture emperor is, consider donating to them. They've got a nice little Donate Button Thing set up for that purpose, so it's nice and easy.