A July 4 Meme

In an effort to lighten the mood, here's the GalPals' Friday Five...

1. Barbeque's or picnics ( or are they essentially the same thing?) When I think BBQ vs. picnic, I think that the major difference might be that a BBQ is held in someone's backyard while a picnic might be at a park or pavilion. Or maybe it's all just semantics. I do prefer hanging out at someone's house or hosting more than the pavilion, though.

2. The park/ the lake/ the beach or staying at home simply being? Just a get-together at my or someone's home is enough for me.

3. Fireworks- love 'em or hate 'em? Probably just "like." It's nice to cap off a special day with them, but I don't go nuts over them.

4. Parades- have you ever taken part- share a memory... When I was in 7th grade, I marched with the band and was assigned the cymbals. I remember having to switch my hand positions every few minutes because the straps kept cutting off circulation to my fingers. Once I switched to snare drum, these parades were much more enjoyable.

5. Time for a musical interlude- if you could sum up holidays in a piece of music what would it be? A remixed version of "Joy to the World" using samples of "Auld Lane Syne," "The 1812 Overture," and "Thriller."

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