Friday, August 15, 2008

Pop Culture Roundup - The Return

Yes,'s back. We don't necessarily have a lot to catch up on, but I suppose that I have a lot more to write about if I feature more of a mishmash of books, movies, TV, music, whatever, than trying to focus on one and fouling up any enjoyment that I'd really get out of it otherwise.

I've been re-reading The Sandman comics. They've been bound in a series of ten graphic novels. When I read them before, I think I only made it through Volume 6. These comics follow the adventures of Morpheus, master of dreams. When we first meet him, he's been imprisoned by a secret occult society who'd actually meant to trap his sister, Death. The first volume traces his seeking his freedom, then retrieving various tools that he uses for his work. When I read them before, I also forgot about all the other comic characters who show up: so far, there's a brief nod to Batman, and a longer episode involving John Constantine (remember the movie starring Keanu Reeves?) before I knew that he was an established character in his own right. Like Watchmen, the stories are brooding and more complex, and graphic novels are handy reading when there's an infant about.

In an effort to keep with my desire to experience new music, I've heard a couple CDs this week:

~Kings of Leon, Youth and Young Manhood -
I didn't like this one as much as Because of the Times. I don't know what it is. This one didn't have as much variation to it.

~Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama, There Will Be a Light - Well-done gospel/bluegrass, and the perfect combination for it. I was so impressed by the Blind Boys of Alabama on Solomon Burke's "None of Us Are Free" that when I saw this in the library there was no question about picking it up. Plus it's Ben Harper.

~Everclear, Songs From An American Movie Volume 2 - Other than the couple of singles that I've heard on the radio, I wasn't very familiar with Everclear. This album just made me a fan. Guess I need to track down Volume 1 and such.

Around the web, I added MGoBlog to the blogroll a while back and I don't think I ever said so. And if I did, it doesn't matter. I'll say it again because it's a great Michigan blog, and since this is my blog, I'll freaking tell you again that it's there. What are you gonna do about it?