Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Fall Meme

Playing the Friday Five a day late. Five things you like about fall...

1) A fragrance - fallen leaves after a rain.

2) A color - There'd be something irritating, even to me, about answering maize and blue. So my answer is maroon and gold, mainly because they're fallish, but also because I particularly think of my college days when fall comes around and these are my frat's colors.

3) An item of clothing - I love me some hooded sweatshirts, and the chance to break them out again, particularly if there's some kind of open flame involved with things being roasted, is a chance that I treasure.

4) An activity - walking around the church cemetery, hearing my feet crunch through the fallen leaves, and taking in the view of the multi-colored forest at the end of the driveway.

5) A special day - the first day of the baseball playoffs, Halloween, the anniversary of a friend's death, every Saturday that Michigan is playing, Thanksgiving, the anniversary of my first day at my church...I can't pick just one. Fall beats the crap out of summer. The end.