Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Notable Notes

~Coffeeson's baptism went very well. It was a little strange to be standing on the opposite side of the font making the promises rather than prompting others. We had a full house all weekend long, with over 40 friends and family milling around at one point or another. A seminary buddy came down to do it (and I still feel bad about not giving really any other seminary buddies enough notice...your invites were seriously addressed, just not stamped...I suck). It was good to see him besides. If it hadn't been for said over 40 friends and family, worship would have been low attendance-wise.

~Michigan's offense looked at times like they were still running practice drills against Utah. The defense made adjustments and looked a lot better in the second half, but the offense was every bit as shaky as people figured it'd be. I have more faith in Threet than Sheridan at QB...just open up the field for him and let him rip (Exhibit A: the bomb pass to Hemingway for the TD). 2009 recruiting looks good already, with two mobile QBs and a bunch of other offensive skill guys. Gotta give RichRod time to work. Still, the thought of five years of futility against OSU sucks.

~I think I want to learn the bass guitar. I mean, seriously learn it. I know some basic garage-level stuff, but I'd like to go deeper. If you ask me why the bass, and not guitar or drums, I don't really have an answer for you. There's something about creating lines and runs, the uniqueness of the instrument (how many set out to learn guitar or drums instead?), the special creativity that it entails...I just think it'd be fun. Right now I'm weighing whether to actually take lessons, which would

1. Get me out of the house,
2. Provide accountability and discipline,
3. Allow me to interact with other musicians,

or to buy a few books and do it on my own, which would

1. Enable my impatience,
2. Let me go at my own pace,
3. Keep me locked up in my basement with no other musicians,
4. Enable any ADD-related tendencies that I may have, which will cause me to forget about keeping up with it after a week or so.

You can see which one I think is the better option.

~There's been a dog hanging around our house for the past few weeks. The past several days, Coffeewife has purchased dog food and toys, and this afternoon she took her (we checked) to the vet for a check-up. I don't want a dog. I'd want a dog if I had one or two less cats. And in some ways having a dog is like having a second baby, only with fur and a tail. At least cats are all like, "Did you fill my food dish? Yeah? Okay, you can go now." Dogs are all like, "Wanna play? Wanna play? Wanna feed me? Wanna jump around? Wanna play? Wanna go outside? Wanna go inside? Want me to jump on you? Want me to try to eat your food? Wanna play? Want me to do anything that isn't leaving you alone?"

~Coffeeson is teething. I can't deal with both that and a dog.

~I'm so happy that it's fall. The leaves are already changing. It feels great.