Monday, September 15, 2008

Open Forum: A Question for OSU Fans (And Other CFB Fans, If You Care)

Open Forum posts especially ask for feedback from readers...

Okay, first off, both our teams sucked this weekend. And as much schadenfreude as I enjoyed Saturday night, it was still after an ugly, rainy craptastic UM loss where the Wolverines spotted the Irish 21 points in the first four minutes. So this isn't to gloat, because if one factors in Michigan's performance, there's nothing to gloat about.

Second, my apologies that the blog seems college football-heavy right now. It's that time of year. I do have other stuff on my mind that I'll write about soon.

Now, to my question. You might think it's kind of weird. And I'm honestly looking for opinions and not asking it to be a jerk.

Do you think that Jim Tressel's days as head coach are numbered?

Not, like, just another year or two necessarily. He has a near-spotless record against UM, he's led OSU to three NC games.

He's also lost two of those NC games, badly. And it's interesting to read national media analysis of the USC game, as they mention cupcake scheduling, the Buckeyes getting pantsed by ranked non-conference opponents when they're finally on the schedule, and Tressel's style of play being predictable unimaginative play-calling.

That last criticism was being leveled at Lloyd Carr his last few years as UM coach. And for a while it was tough for him to win bowl games, too. He went out on his own terms, but the talk was there to be sure. I can recall a player on a Carr-era UM opponent after they beat UM, commenting that they were the same on the field as on the film.

USC QB Mark Sanchez said something very similar after Saturday's win.

I just can't help but see certain parallels here.

A non-football example: when Mike Hargrove was manager of the Indians, he constantly had them in the post-season, but with no World Series titles to speak of. Cleveland eventually decided to let him go.

Big Ten titles are nice. Beating your arch-rival is nice. But with some of these other criticisms and the struggle to win The Big One...what do you think about his job security in the next few years?

Or maybe that's too alarmist. There's plenty of that attitude in Ann Arbor right now, too. Believe me.

Anyway, just curious.