Friday, September 26, 2008

Pop Culture Roundup

I continue to read Hearing God's Call, although I think I have what I need for my workshop.  Johnson has plenty of helpful things to say about what's involved with the struggle, the role of others in confirming one's call, and so on.  What has remained the most helpful for me is his analysis of the "anatomy of call," which I'll go through the day of my presentation while using my own call story to illustrate each point.  That sounds like a good blog post...

We watched
Enchanted the other day.  Coffeewife has a major thing for Disney movies, and if you need to be reminded what this is about, a cartoon fairytale couple from an archetype of the old school Disney feature films become trapped in real life New York.  Hijinks ensue, including the princess rallying the city animals (pigeons, rats, cockroaches) to clean an apartment with a song.  Actually, that part was pretty funny.

For some reason, we got sucked into watching
VH1 Top 100 Songs of the '90s.  I guess we were just in the right mood to watch pop culture talking heads making semi-funny comments about things.  But being that the '90s are such a beloved decade for us, we also had some curiosity about what songs would end up on the list.  That's also why I posted "Sabotage" the other day.  Otherwise, there was a solid mix of grunge, late-decade teeny-boppers, Eminem, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, "Baby Got Back," and our #1 song?  "Smells Like Teen Spirit," of course.  One talking head called Nirvana "the Beatles of our generation."  Come on, really? 

I've still been listening to Death Cab for Cutie's
Plans.  Also, Beck's Midnite Vultures.

Around the web...I actually haven't done a lot of blog reading this week.  So just pick one on the sidebar.  It's all good.