Monday, October 27, 2008

But wait, there's more...

With less than two weeks to go before the election, Focus on the Family has to get in a few fear-mongering parting shots to get people to vote against Obama. So they concocted this Letter from 2012, which chronicles all the horrible things that an Obama presidency will bring, based on the reading of "established trends." These include:

- The Supreme court leans liberal, 6 to 3.
- Terrorist attacks have occurred in 4 US cities.
- Christian doctors, nurses, counselors, and teachers have either been fired or quit.
- Iran perpetrated a nuclear attack on Israel, drastically reducing the size of its borders.
- Pornography is freely displayed.
- Inner city violent crime has dramatically increased due to gun control.
- Russia has occupied 4 additional countries.
- Gas tops $7 a gallon.
- Euthanasia becomes commonplace.
- Blackouts occur throughout the country.
- Homosexual marriage becomes law in all 50 states.
- Campus ministries, Christian adoption agencies and Christian schools nearly cease to exist.
- Home school families emigrate to Australia and New Zealand by the thousands.
- Bush officials are jailed and bankrupt.
- Taliban oppression overtakes Iraq and death of American sympathizers reaches millions.
- Homosexuals are given a bonus to enlist in the military.

Here's the thing for me...I get the objections to Obama based on the actual issues.  I get the concerns about governmental control of various programs.  In fact, it's caused me to take a step back and evaluate not only my vote but also my views on the government's role in general.  I've been meaning to write a theological treatment on governmental assistance for the poor for a while now, actually (which would still come down in favor of it).  Maybe in between Coffeeson naps and church responsibilities I'll get around to thinking about starting it before Christmas.

That's not to say that I'm going to run out and vote for McCain.  I might've considered voting for the McCain of 4 or 8 years ago, but not this one.  And Sarah Palin "sealed the deal" for me.

But I get the objections to Obama based on the issues.  But this irrational, fear-based, guilt-by-association "OMG he's a secret Muslim terrorist" character-attack crap almost makes me want to vote for him just to spite the perpetrators; to be as unreasonable as they're being.

So here's to November 4th...not because it'll signal the end of something or the beginning of something else or whatever, but so we can get back down to normal levels of Christian politicking and lobbying and "base-mobilizing" and tantrum-throwing instead of the heightened absurdity that we're subjected to every four years.

I'm Coffeepastor and I approved this message.