Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pop Culture Roundup

I'm back into the Sandman books, now at Volume 3, Dream Country.  I'd forgotten about some of the stories told here (it's been three years since I last read these), but this volume isn't a connected story...instead it's a collection of individual stories about some of the past adventures that Morpheus has been on.  In one, he takes the form of a cat.  In another, he has Shakespeare commission a play (Midsummer Night's Dream).  I remember not really liking the cat story, so I skipped it.  I vaguely remember the Shakespeare story, but I haven't delved into it yet.

I caught Recount on HBO the other day, which is all about the fiasco surrounding the 2000 election.  It chronicles/dramatizes each side's approach and game plan and takes time to explain the arguments that each uses.  It goes through what "hanging chads" and "dimpled chads" are and why they were a problem, and it brings to light some events that may not be as widely known, such as the "Brooks Brothers riot," where a bunch of Republican guys dressed in slacks and polo shirts caused the recount in Miami-Dade county to be shut down after they tried to bust into the counting station.  We also get to see a Republican lobbyist hanging out with Florida secretary of state Katherine Harris through a good chunk of her role.  It's a good film, if a little dry at times.  But after a while, it made me tense and caused my head to hurt...too much "team sport" crap obviously got in the way of that entire process.  I actually found it somewhat ironic that the movie had both sides talking about "what's best for America" at the very end, because it had just presented some 110 minutes to the contrary.

I've been listening to The Decemberists' The Crane Wife.  There's something about fall that puts me in a Decemberists mood.  

Around the web, I recently added The Fettered Heart to the blogroll.  Ryan's been a commenter here before, but what's even more interesting is that I recently discovered that we have a mutual friend.  I thought that was cool.  Anyway, good stuff there pertaining to theology and the state of the church.