Friday, October 24, 2008

Pop Culture Roundup

I've finished the third Sandman book, Dream Country, and have moved right on to the fourth, Season of Mists.  I haven't made it too far, but as I recall this is the volume where Lucifer gives Hell to Morpheus in some kind of elaborate way to screw him over.  I don't remember the specifics.  I guess I'll just have to read.

Entourage saw Ari being offered a studio head position after the former boss had a heart attack.  This was the same studio head who had blackballed Vince a few seasons ago...coincidentally.  I think I'm too hard on this show sometimes.  Anyway, Ari isn't sure that he wants it until he gets caught up in a demanding moment at his office (including Jeffrey Tambor in a hilarious cameo).  The episode ends with Ari telling Vince about the offer, and Vince being unsure of where that leaves him.  The development with Ari is one of those major things where I wonder how much further the show can go.  If Ari gets this job, he can put Vince in whatever movie he wants.  So what sort of conflict will there be at that point?

During the last scene of Entourage, they used a song that I recognized but couldn't quite place.  It was about 3:00 in the morning while rocking Coffeeson that I thought, "That sounded like Radiohead."  Sure enough, it was "Fake Plastic Trees" off of The Bends.  So the next morning I pulled the CD off the shelf and gave it a complete listen.  I'm very much a late-blooming appreciator of Radiohead...this album came out in 1995, for crying out loud.  The only other album I own is OK Computer, and it's never been in particularly heavy rotation.  Well, I've been giving both some time this week.  OK Computer is an acquired taste, but The Bends is more of a straightforward rock album.  Not that I don't enjoy OK just may not be "commercial" enough for some listeners.

We got the new Family Guy DVDs this week, and I've had this stuck in my head the past few days:

Around the web, I've been visiting a lot the past month or more.