Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A New Day

Coffeeson was born into a world where a black president is not only possible, but reality. He wasn't even 7 months old when it happened, but it will be woven into his life's experience. I even picture him one day asking, with an incredulous look on his face, "You mean there was a time when people wouldn't have elected him because of his race?"

In one sense that question is very tragic, and it always will be. But in another sense it is hopeful, as he will have no memory of a time when this wouldn't have been considered seriously.

So I'll have to fill him in. And while I'm at it, I'll tell him about the scene at Grant Park, which featured such a multi-cultural, multi-generational crowd. I'll tell him about the conversation on CNN noting that this is representative of a "new electorate," a reflection of the diversity that the United States has been experiencing increasingly over the past few decades, and a sign that Joe the Plumber only represents one segment of this population and can no longer be considered "real" or "typical" America any more.

Coffeewife and I found it a little telling that the McCain rally featured an all-white boys' choir and Hank Williams in contrast to the images in Chicago.

I'm still somewhat hesitant. Just from what I've read online this morning, there is clearly an angry, fearful minority in this country today. Apparently they made themselves heard during McCain's speech last night. I worry about what this means; how these feelings might manifest themselves in other ways in the next few months or years. So I proceed with some caution.

Nevertheless, this is a new day. For Coffeeson, it will just be a day. And I just think that's cool.


Anonymous said...

Well said, sir.

-That guy from Chicago

Thoughts From Jeff said...

Very good post and I am glad that even my kids a little older than Coffeeson will have the same experience and foundation ..

I did not look/recognize McCain election night, I will have to Youtube that


Scott Alan said...

One of our fellow bloggers noted that somewhere in upper Michigan a Ku Klux Klan member marched down the street all by himself yesterday.

The war is won, but the battles will continue. Nevertheless, for Coffeeson and for my girls, you and I are justifiably happy about the future we've just witnessed, aren't we?

Thoughts From Jeff said...

I have looked at videos and pics of the crowd .. you nailed it .. very interesting

Gene said...

My daughter was born on September 11th. For her to be born on that day with all its history and to be born during this year with all of its history is quite amazing. We'll have some good conversations about it someday.