Saturday, November 22, 2008

See you next fall


Anonymous said...

(Rodriguez sings, in true Sinatra style)

It's forgettableeeeeeeeeee,
The season's dooooooooooooone,
It's forgettableeeeeeeeeee,
The Buckeyes wooooooooon...

Believe it or not, this Buckeye fan looks forward to Michigan returning to its glory, and to the smash-mouth games that make the rivalry so interesting.

Although the spread offense with the right personnel may bring a zesty new dimension to the game!


erin said...

I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday after we calmed down and actually got some first downs.

I know it won't last forever, but gosh, yesterday felt good. ;)

Go Bucks!


Jeff Nelson said...

Erin, when this drought finally ends, the release that'll come with it will far exceed whatever you felt yesterday.

erin said...

I have no doubt of that my doubt. I remember the exhilaration when we finally beat them after the long, torturous 13 years that was the Cooper Era.

And somehow, I know that when your drought ends, I will smile for you. But only you. ;)

Thoughts From Jeff said...


aawwww man, may i should have stayed at WVU and if we would have kept my office there .. we could be in the national championship with white and devine