Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Token UM-OSU Post

So. The Game is on Saturday.

There's nothing on the line. No Big Ten title. No BCS hopes, really. Just bragging rights. Because beating UM this year would be such a monumental achievement, right? Nah, beating your biggest rival never gets old. It certainly didn't when Michigan did it regularly in the 90s.

(Side note: it's been pointed out that Sparty needs UM to win on Saturday for a chance at the Rose Bowl. How's that feel? Go watch
300 again.)

Forgive me if I'm not looking forward to this game. When UM fans have had to watch the team's single-worst season gets a little harder to get hyped up.

Part of me believes that an upset is possible. It happened against Wisconsin, why can't it happen here? It would be the greatest upset in the rivalry's history, since Michigan is like a 1,000,000,000-point underdog or something. And all the agony of the entire season would be washed away with such a moment.

But nobody is kidding themselves. I'm certainly not.

Mercifully, UM's season will end on Saturday. RichRod will begin bringing in
his recruits. He'll begin building his team. And in the next few years, we'll see what he and his team can really do.

Hopefully it'll mean that the losing streak stops at 5.

Nevertheless, Go Blue. See you next season.