Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Token UM-OSU Post

So. The Game is on Saturday.

There's nothing on the line. No Big Ten title. No BCS hopes, really. Just bragging rights. Because beating UM this year would be such a monumental achievement, right? Nah, beating your biggest rival never gets old. It certainly didn't when Michigan did it regularly in the 90s.

(Side note: it's been pointed out that Sparty needs UM to win on Saturday for a chance at the Rose Bowl. How's that feel? Go watch
300 again.)

Forgive me if I'm not looking forward to this game. When UM fans have had to watch the team's single-worst season gets a little harder to get hyped up.

Part of me believes that an upset is possible. It happened against Wisconsin, why can't it happen here? It would be the greatest upset in the rivalry's history, since Michigan is like a 1,000,000,000-point underdog or something. And all the agony of the entire season would be washed away with such a moment.

But nobody is kidding themselves. I'm certainly not.

Mercifully, UM's season will end on Saturday. RichRod will begin bringing in
his recruits. He'll begin building his team. And in the next few years, we'll see what he and his team can really do.

Hopefully it'll mean that the losing streak stops at 5.

Nevertheless, Go Blue. See you next season.


LutherPunk said...

I can' stand OSU. Hope you guys smack 'em around.

Gene said...

I hope you guys win as well. Part of me thinks it's going to happen too.

I don't think Rich Rodriguez will be around for the long term. He did pretty good at WVU, but I don't think he's the coach Michigan thought he was. Winners win, period. Bob Stoops, Mack Brown, Urban Meyer, and Pete Carroll all had success in their first year. RichRod was supposed to be one of those types. Michigan has always had good players on their team. Always. When I hear announcers say he needs to bring in his guys it just makes me shake my head. His offense isn't that challenging - Vince Young won a NC with it and he's not all that bright according to the Wunderlich tests he took at the NFL combine.

It looks like the same kind of situation we went through here at Nebraska with Bill Callahan. Some people just don't get programs that have a rich history. Some people aren't as good as they interview.

I hope I'm wrong, but if I'm right, it's going to be sad to watch. Whatever that AD does, I hope he waits for some quality, non-conference wins before giving him a fat contract extension. Otherwise firing him is going to be expensive. Also, the way he left WVU was cheap.

Michigan's one of classiest universities in the country and deserves a lot better. [/rant]

Anonymous said...

The problem Gene is our AD...Billy Martin. He totally blew the search and interview process last year. Michigan's coach in waiting, Les Miles, was a sure bet until Mr. Martin got involved. He has no idea how to search for a coach. Where was he when he needed to be home talking to the BIG boys last year??? He was on his boat in the islands enjoying frufru drinks and cheese.

As for the task at hand, Michigan players will be up for this one. They always are, but I think a win against OSU this year is a bit of a stretch.

I have been a faithful fan of the Maize and Blue ever since I was a kid growing up just a few miles from Ann Arbor. I'll watch the game and pull for Michigan, but I have a feeling it will be a long afternoon.

Gene said...

"The problem Gene is our AD...Billy Martin. He totally blew the search and interview process last year."

Wow, that was our problem as well.


Jeff Nelson said...

And there's always Herbstreit's "breaking news" announcement that Miles was about to sign with U-M, prompting Miles to hold his angry press conference saying that he had no intention of leaving.

How different would it have turned out with Miles if that "breaking news" hadn't been reported?

I'm still willing to give RichRod the benefit of the doubt. He was 3-8 his first year at WV before he started to blow up.

Gene said...

"How different would it have turned out with Miles if that "breaking news" hadn't been reported?"

Sweater Vest would be screwed if that happened.