Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogging First Line Meme

I'm not really sure of the point of this meme, but I saw that a few people had done it last year. Basically, you just go back through your blogging archives for the year and post the first line that you wrote for every month. Maybe it's just fun to see these lines out of context or something. Anyway, I was bored and decided to put this together. Enjoy.

January - It started in my head and has moved down into my chest.

- I recently finished A Private History of Awe by Scott Russell Sanders, which is a memoir that largely takes place during the 1950s and 60s but occasionally jumps forward to the present day.

- When I was in elementary school, I wore the same outfit to church every week.

- Shortly after I started the United Church of Christ Blog Network, I received a request from one member to remove her blog from the list.

- I finished Gilead this week.

- What better way to jump back into things than my signature flavor?

- During the summer of 1996, I attended a Christian rock concert that would help nudge me into the most serious questioning of what I believed that I'd ever experienced.

- I'd never heard Common's music before this album.

- Coffeeson's baptism went very well.

- October is Fair Trade Month.

- I'm sitting on my living room couch.

- Of the four Sundays of Advent, yesterday was the most Advent-ish that it's going to get.