Tuesday, December 02, 2008

McDonald's Lattes are for Stupid People

Hey, I didn't say it. McDonald's did. Check it out:

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David L Rattigan said...

I must have missed something, because I thought the discussion over on Feministing was a wild overreaction. I saw the ad as about being real versus pretentious, rather than intellectual versus stupid.

Jeff Nelson said...

I actually haven't read many of the Feministing comments. I saw the commercial on TV, looked it up online, and that's where I found it.

I see how that's really what they were going for, and there's another one with two guys that does it better. I'd have left this alone were it not for the one woman tossing her book away in favor of gossip magazines and both admitting that they don't know where Paraguay is (with some degree of celebration, no less).

The jazz comment annoyed me, too, but that doesn't apply.

Gene said...

I long to show my knees as well.

Unknown said...

I, too, long to show my knees. Perhaps it has something to do with the snow outside my window.

Scott Alan said...

And dammit, I'd like to wear heels again!