Wednesday, December 17, 2008

POC's Greatest Hits 2008

Being so close to the end of the year, it's time to look back and point you to my favorite blog entries of 2008.

Green - The first of ten entries that I wrote for my Big Serious Lenten Blogging Experiment. This was a reflection on what kind of father I hoped to be, and what kind of relationship I hoped to forge with my son. I might even call this entry my absolute favorite from this year.

- Another Lenten post reflecting on my experience of a friend's death.

I Was Watching
- Yet another Lenten post explaining the truth about how exactly pastor's kids end up in the ministry. Hint: it's not because they're pastor's kids.

I Want to Preach at General Synod
- Preaching at the UCC's national gathering is actually a long-shot dream of mine. But until that actually happens, here's my satirical take on how I'd need to convince whomever it is that makes that decision.

The Great Bonfire of '96
- Around the time that I wrote this entry, some feelings about my more evangelical past had crept back into the forefront of my mind, particularly about how sheltered I was during those years. Writing this helped me to figure out that I actually wasn't that sheltered after all.

Community Organizers and Actual Responsibilities - This was my response to Sarah Palin's swipe at community organizers during her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

900 - I celebrated my 900th post by inviting readers to submit nine questions. I had a good mix of deep-issue type stuff and lighter fare. Thanks again to all who played along.

"Keep 'Christ' In Christmas" - My own reasoning for why the culture warriors need to let the annual Christmas "controversy" go.