Monday, December 29, 2008

So, what's up for 2009?

Next year is already shaping up to be a big one, both for me personally and for the family. As I look ahead, here are some of the big things to look forward to in 2009.

The 10-year anniversary of Coffeewife and I being together
- Not of being married, mind you. That anniversary will clock in this next year at 7, which also blows my mind. But in January of 1999, we started dating, and one thing led to another, and now we're married (for 6 1/2 years) with a kid. Simply incredible.

Turning 30
- Yeah. My 20s are about to disappear forever. On the one hand, it is exciting. It's a huge milestone sort of birthday, and I intend to enjoy it and mark it well, even if it does fall on a Monday this year. On the other hand, big birthdays like this tend to evoke the whole "Holy crap, when did I get this old/Am I where I want to be?" line of thought. But I can't really say that I'm not where I want to be in life. But I'll flesh all this out in another couple months.

Coffeeson's first birthday
- Good Friday is going to have a different sort of feeling to it this year. I mean, sure, it'll be marked by a time of prayer and reflection, but it'll also be marked by family, friends, and snapping lots of pics of Coffeeson stuffing his face with his first cake. That it's on such a solemn religious day has been a point of amusement to Coffeewife and I. There'll be time to observe both in their appropriate ways.

General Synod
- This coming year, I will once again serve as a delegate to the UCC's General Synod, this time in Grand Rapids. This will be my fourth Synod. My first time I was wide-eyed about the whole thing and just thought it was cool that I was there. The before, during and after of General Synod 25 in Atlanta gave me a healthy dose of skepticism about the impact, relevance, and trust (or lack thereof) involved in the whole enterprise. Don't get me wrong, I always enjoy attending - the atmosphere, running into friends and colleagues, the worship...but I treat the resolution process with a fair amount of cynicism. At any rate, readers can look forward to my reflections leading up to my attendance, along with analysis afterwards.

Michigan back in a bowl game
- Because it can only get better. I can dream.

Getting out of the parsonage
- That's right...we're looking to find our own digs. There are many factors that will determine the particulars, but we'll be in a different house by the end of next year. That much is certain. In fact, we already have a few strong's just a matter of some of those factors being worked out so that we can be more certain about which to pursue. Our first house...we're gonna be all growed up.

Losing 10-15 pounds
- I seem to go through the same cycle every year. January through August, I realize that I've made way too many compromises and go about fixing it through diet and exercise. And I do it well, and I stick with it. Then sometime in the fall, the compromises begin and by the end of the holidays I'm back to resolving to fix things. And I do. Wash, rinse, repeat. So in January, time to start fixing it again.

More music
- Not at the pace of my failed 365 Albums thing, but I'd really like to make it a point to hear 2-3 new albums a week. I've already been trying to do that, and it's been good. I'd also like to play my instruments more regularly. I've been very negligent, save for what I have to practice on guitar for Sundays, and even that's been pretty sparse.