Saturday, January 17, 2009

Five Things Meme Based on a Rent Song

Courtesy of the RevGals:

Whether it's new friends or new loves or new employers, what are five things people should know about you?

1. I hate being misunderstood. I hate it more when people persist in hearing what they want to hear or ignoring my strained attempts to clarify what I mean.

2. I'm a Michigan sports fan. Being back in Ohio deepened that. Sure, take your jabs. Just understand that when the other RichRod shoe drops I'm going to be incredibly obnoxious.

3. I play instruments that many people don't consider "churchy." I want to play them in church sometimes. I'll find a way to do it, too.

4. I'm not sacrificing my family for my career. It's that whole "I wish I'd spent more time at the office" thing. It's not for me.

5. I wear a tie one day a week. If I have a wedding or funeral, then I wear a tie two days a week. I greatly enjoy this system, and I thank you not to mess with it.