Saturday, February 07, 2009

Favorite Things Meme

Courtesy of the RevGals, the gist is just to list five of your favorite things.

1. Chasing Coffeeson around the living room. He'll crawl away, stop and sit up, realize you're coming after him, squeal, and either crawl some more or just sit there and laugh. He loves it, and I think it's hilarious.

2. Chipotle. It's our Sunday afternoon tradition, in part so that we don't eat it like three times a week. It's become a part of my wind-down routine after worship.

3. My drums. I haven't played them a whole lot lately, partially because the only time I'd really get to is while Coffeeson is asleep, and that just wouldn't work very well. And even though I play my guitar more regularly, I've been getting the itch more and more to go back to my first musical love and shake off the rust.

4. Coffee. Black, strong, multiple cups. And stay out of my way until I get a couple sips.

5. Empty church sanctuaries. I'll sit in one for hours if you let me - praying, reflecting, listening, journaling, ranting. I believe that God is everywhere and surely not relegated just to Big God Church Rooms, but I truly make these places sacred space, particularly when no one else is around. Backwards for a pastor? Maybe.