Monday, February 02, 2009

What the H?

Longtime readers of this blog know how dedicated I am to advocating change in the church. I often write here about how we shouldn't be afraid to innovate, to try new things, to update ourselves. We shouldn't cling to the past just because it's what we grew up with and it's what we know. And those who complain about change should check themselves; should question what it is they're really afraid of or angry about.

Having said all that: what's up, Heidelberg?

I mean, you changed from "college" to "university" this past month. It was something that was in the works for a long time, and now it's official. You were a university years and years ago, so it's really just switching back. That's fine. I don't mind that. I was only planning on buying apparel that just says "Heidelberg" without "University." After all, I didn't go to Heidelberg University.

And are you going to send out new degrees to Coffeewife and me denoting the change? It feels funny to have a degree from Heidelberg College when technically that institution no longer exists.

But my biggest beef at the moment, Heidelberg, is your new logo. You used to have this script letter H that adorned everything. It was a classic, timeless, sort of piece. It suggested tradition and legacy while also inviting today's students to be a part of it. You see it up there? It looks nice, right?

But now, we have this.

Wow...look that that unique, distinctive, one-of-a-kind...uh...tower. I bet no o
ther institution of higher education uses their tower as part of promoting themselves. This is surely a concept that you, Heidelberg, have dreamed up on your own. You are groundbreakers in your field. While everyone else was using script Hs whether their name started with H or not, you broke the mold and went with your tower.

You could've at least used Beeghly Library instead. It's round and when it's decorated for Christmas it looks like a spaceship. To have a spaceship library as our new logo at least would have been more distinct.

So no more script H. Now we have a tower, like everyone else.