Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brant's Blog of Awesomeness Update

The other day, I reported that Brant Hansen, the writer of the blog Letters from Kamp Krusty, had abandoned said blog in favor of his official radio show blog, Brant's Blog of Awesomeness.

Well, upon clicking on the link to Kamp Krusty, which I kept on my sidebar mostly out of sentimentality and perhaps also the vain hope that he'd one day return, he put up a new post:
I just...stopped. No good reason. Just couldn't handle it. And then I got embarrassed about not visiting it, and then REALLY started ignoring it, this time out of guilt. Very healthy, huh?

I want to do it again. I miss it. I'm still blogging a "work blog", but it's a different audience, and I have to try to meet them where they are. I simply can't be as free-wheeling. Not everyone understands irony, it turns out.

My job is VERY challenging. And I'm expected to Twitter and Facebook, I'm doing both of those things. Please feel free to keep up there, if you like. And, if you care; When I get back to this, I'll let you know.
There's also an anteater in a sweater tucked in a bucket involved.

So one day, he may return.

Keep it locked here at Philosophy Over Coffee for your up-to-the-minute Brant Hansen updates, of which this will probably be the last one even if there turns out to be more.