Sunday, August 09, 2009

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!"

This morning I led a worship service and preached.* Typical Sunday for a pastor, yes? Sure. However, I wasn't originally supposed to do it this Sunday. The plan had been to spend a week at a cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and by this time we'd almost be finished with our drive up. But Coffeewife wasn't able to earn enough time off for the whole week, so it was not meant to be.

I'm okay with it. What happens, happens. We've already been assured by the cabin's owners that we can reserve a week next summer. And instead of taking this next week off, I'll save that week for a week in mid-November right before Thanksgiving. I took this same week off last year, and it was a nice break before the activities of Advent. Incidentally, this will also be the week of The Game, which last year of course prompted people to tease me about not wanting to face the music the day after. It was a perk, yes.

The other thing I've been thinking about has been how strange it may look to others: I'll be taking three of my four allotted weeks' vacation this fall. So many people take off during the summer, but I'll be spending the bulk of my vacation time during a time of year when church programs are getting back into the swing of things. The best explanation I have to offer is this: I like the fall months better than summer. I'll find this time off more relaxing than if I'd taken off more in June, July, or August. I'll get to spend time in the cooler weather, walking through dried leaves with Coffeeson, picking out pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. It'll be way more refreshing for me personally.

Anyway, the week ahead will be nothing special church-wise: Consistory, Bible study, a few visits...nothing really out of the ordinary, especially for the middle of August. No big deal.

But today, I'm simply going to sit back, digest my Buffalo chicken salad, hang out with Coffeeson, watch Entourage, and go to bed.

*It was entitled "A Church for Starving Artists," with apologies to Jan, and was about God's call to artists in Exodus 31 and God's continued call to artists today to help create space to experience the holy. I also borrowed from the church's mixed history with art thanks to Christianity's Dangerous Idea.