Friday, August 07, 2009

Pop Culture Roundup

I finished the sixth Sandman, Fables and Reflections, and moved right on to the seventh, Brief Lives. Morpheus has six siblings, and all seven are usually referred to in easy alliterative format: Dream, Death, Desire, Delirium, Despair, Destiny, and Destruction, who have domain over the areas of life that their names indicate. In the previous books, it is referenced several times that Destruction up and quit, hasn't seen or spoken to any of his siblings in centuries, and everyone is pretty pleased with that arrangement. In Brief Lives, Delirium decides that she wants to go looking for him, and drags Dream along for the journey.  There's a lot of philosophical discussion in this one about identity and purpose and change.

We watched The Pink Panther this week, as in the 2006 version with Steve Martin. Martin has few comedic equals, especially when it comes to an oblivious buffoon like Inspector Clouseau. I enjoyed his performance, as I often do. But I really could take or leave this movie as a whole. A soccer, sorry, football coach (Look, it's Jason Statham!) is murdered and his big freaking Pink Panther diamond ring is presumably stolen. Clouseau is appointed to the case as a cover for the real investigation being headed by a glory-seeking chief inspector played by Kevin Kline. And there's also Beyonce, because...uh...why not? It's a film full of classic slapstick comedy in the mold of every "bumbling idiot shows flashes of brilliance and earnestness" film or TV character, including the original Clouseau, Maxwell Smart, Austin Powers, Inspector Gadget, and Johnny English. If you like that sort of thing, you'll like this movie.

I listened to Scream by Chris Cornell this week, and very quickly thought I'd made a mistake. Had the wrong CD been placed in the case? And then I realized, no, this really is the former lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave using techno beats, synthesizers, and what sounds like the Backstreet Boys singing backup. I couldn't make it through the third song before shutting it off.  It's fitting that the album cover is a picture of someone smashing a guitar.  This was awful.

Maize N Brew has been re-added to the blog list.

This week I came across a site called GraphJam, where people can create graphs of hilarity and amusement. For example:

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And also:

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Anonymous said...

I haven't heard scream yet, but I don't think Timbaland will be producing anything else outside of his usual genre for quite some time based on the feedback I've heard about this one.

-That guy from Chi-town