Monday, September 28, 2009


Today begins two weeks of vacation time for me. The natural question that people have asked me has been, "So where are you going?" The natural assumption is that, when one goes on vacation, one is actually going somewhere.

That's hard to accomplish with a wife who is not on vacation and is in the middle of a semester of her nurse practitioner program, and a son who need of appropriate toddler-like care. Thus the result is the increasingly popular "staycation," where one doesn't actually go anywhere but just enjoys some time off.

I've taken staycations before, and they've generally been relaxing, save for the couple of times I was called back for a funeral (and we can discuss my boundary issues some other time, thanks). This particular time, I'll have just a little bit of "work" to do. I'll meet with one of Coffeewife's nursing school buddies for whom I'm officiating the wedding later this month, and I'll co-officiate my sister-in-law's wedding.

I've also reserved some time at a local retreat center at which I'll spend some time next spring during my sabbatical. And there'll be coffeehouses and books and walks through the local park and meeting Coffeewife for lunch at her work and Michigan football and hopefully the Tigers in the playoffs.

And I'm planning on playing the part of Mr. Domestic: laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, and cooking dinner on the nights that Coffeewife doesn't have class. I figure that there's no excuse for me not to do it, and I'll actually probably enjoy being able to focus solely on that sort of stuff.

So it should be a good couple of weeks.