Monday, October 12, 2009

Quotidian Random

~I once again tried to spend time at the retreat center this past Tuesday, but once again there was no power. The generator will have all winter to recharge before my sabbatical, so I'm still looking forward to some meaningful time there next May. Still, I was disappointed not to have that time. Coffeehouses were certainly enjoyable, and I get the whole "sacred space can be established whenever, wherever" thinking, but I was looking forward to this sacred space.

~We've started packing stuff for the move. It's a slow process right now, but we know that we close on the house the Friday before Thanksgiving. We originally wanted to host Thanksgiving, but if we do it with this timeline we may be passing the stuffing around stacks of boxes. I've also been wondering just how it is that we've accumulated so much crap. It's been very cathartic to fill trash bags or to set things aside to be given away.

~I'm revisiting the home office issue that I wrote about a couple years ago. The issues that contributed to me moving my books home were as follows:
  1. "Hey, look at all these shelves in this Pastor's Study at the parsonage!  What would all my books look like on them?  Awesome!"  (This has led to needing to truck books back and forth across the parking lot)
  2. "My crappy church computer doesn't work, so I need to work at home."  (My church computer works now, but it's still crappy)
  3. "I'd like to work at home sometimes to be closer to my family."  (I'd be closer to them in proximity I do ALL my writing--sermons, bulletins, Bible studies--at the church)
  4. "A home study would be sacred space where I could go to reflect if I needed to."  (The only one out of these that makes sense)
So with the impending move, I've been thinking about this...whether most or all of my books will go to the house or back to the church. I'd welcome thoughts from CoffeeNation on this.

~This past weekend, I co-officiated my sister-in-law's (and new brother-in-law's) wedding.* It was a great weekend that had me noting a couple things. First, weddings for friends or family are the only ones that really make me nervous. Weddings for church members and non-members don't do that unless the wedding party is a cast of thousands and the rehearsal left lingering questions or doubts. But when I officiate for friends or family, it's more personal, and I really don't want to screw up for their sake. Maybe I should take that attitude for everyone, but I just feel more of a personal stake in those.

The other thing I noted was how freaking young the couple was. They're both fresh out of college, 22 years old. And then I made the connection that, gee, Coffeewife and I got married basically fresh out of college (I'd been a year out, but big freaking deal). So I'm just now realizing how young we were when we were married, and I'm also realizing how old this past weekend made me feel.

*That's not us in the picture.