Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Plans

The Michigan Wolverines battle the mighty Delaware State Hornets.

Today's high in Ann Arbor will be a balmy 48 degrees, under partly cloudy skies.

There's no way this turns out like my last trip.

Go Blue!


Anonymous said...

I wish your chosen team every success against their, um, worthy opponent - and against all opponents until that grand and glorious day just prior to Reign of Christ Sunday, the Saturday known in most parts as Reign of Tressel Saturday. As always, the Sunday before, I will include "Come, Christians, Join To Sing" as one of the hymns as a subliminal message.


Remus said...

Today definitely has your last trip beat. Go Blue indeed.

Jeff Nelson said...

It was a good time. The game was a laugher by the end of the first quarter. The crowd (including the DSU band) did one of the most impressive waves I've ever seen. We had great seats...row 3 on the 30 yard line. Incredibly close to the team.

And BDB, I think King Tressel's reign is in doubt. Boiler up!