Monday, November 09, 2009

Maybe She Was on to Something

Scene: The greeting line after worship yesterday.

An older woman walks up to the pastor and says, "That was a really good sermon!"

The pastor half-jokingly responds, "Yeah, for once!"

The woman quickly replies, "Oh no, I like a lot of them! I want a book of them!"

For a couple years now, I've toyed with the idea of a book project. Not coincidentally, it didn't really pop into my head until after I started blogging. This was due in large part to books generated by the RevGalBlogPals and RealLivePreacher, which of course were direct products of their blogging ventures.

So I started with a similar idea, but I've never been convinced that I have enough quality entries even from nearly five years of blogging to create a collection of "greatest hits" essays like RLP. I've tried to make this blog about that kind of serious content before, and it's just never worked out.

One idea that I've had more recently, however, is a collection of sermons from my first five years of ministry. It would be mostly for my church as a "thank you" of sorts, but certainly open to anyone else as well. My church member's comment yesterday reinforced the idea for me. And my upcoming sabbatical would provide the perfect opportunity to do all the compiling, formatting, and submitting.

Two qualifiers:
  1. I have no illusions of making any money off of this. Only well-known preachers could even dream of a collection of sermons producing a profit. And even then, do anyone other than other preachers and the author's church members buy them?
  2. I also have no illusions of this project being accepted by a real publisher. It'll be a self-published deal, and I'm okay with that. I love having total creative control, anyway.
More details about this to follow for any blog readers interested. Since I'm sharing the news here, it'd be silly for me to withhold the final project from you. This blog is semi-anonymous and all, but it's mostly people who know me who read it anyway.

And so it begins, I think. Will there be a more POC-specific book down the road? I think so. I'm thinking of more of a spirituality-specific focus...maybe a devotional book, but with my own twist. But those thoughts aren't fully formed yet.