Sunday, November 01, 2009


Yesterday evening, I haphazardly banged out a post about Michigan football. It was angry and doubtful and bitter. My mood was aided by a less-than-festive feel to Halloween...there was just nothing really Halloween-ish about it. We still live out in the middle of nowhere, so no trick-or-treaters bother to come up to see us. The live Ghost Hunters was a disappointment because it was mostly an online thing this year, which kind of goes against the fact that it was being hosted by a TV know, that shows TV shows. On TV.

Out of this sense of irritation arose a post that I decided to hold off on posting. What good would it do to post it? It was overly emotional and harsh, and it's not like I have many fellow Michigan fans who read this who'd chime in with support anyway. That, and what am I doing allowing a football game to affect me like that?

So I waited. I waited, and then I slept.

And then I got up an hour too early because Coffeeson didn't get the memo about the time change. So I made some coffee and settled in to watch his morning shows and read him books and ingest caffeine and think about All Saints Day worship.

Eventually, Coffeewife got up and took over for me so that I could shower and get ready. But before I did that, I meandered into the kitchen to top off my mug and grab a Pop Tart for breakfast. Plus I wanted a moment just to be quiet.

Our kitchen window overlooks a field, at this point in the year filled more with weeds than crops. It has long been harvested, and this is what remains. There is a treeline a fair way off, already bare thanks to a few days of wind.

It was at this point that I was able to take in the full realization that November has arrived. It is now late fall, where the bright colors of the leaves have given way to yellows or browns or bare branches. By Thanksgiving we'll probably see our first snow, as is the tendency of northern Ohio weather.

I set my coffee on the windowsill and finished my breakfast, taking in this scene and appreciating the unique beauty that is this time of year. I love fall in all its phases including this last one before the bitter cold of winter. Special celebrations are on the horizon, and they are marked by this natural scenery that only brings peace to my own spirit.

This was the right start to the day, and to the month. It helped me leave all the feelings of the night before behind.

That's just what November does.