Friday, November 13, 2009

Video-Heavy Pop Culture Roundup

I continue to read Home, but was glad to read 50 pages or so yesterday. That did a lot for me getting into the book more. Robinson is beginning to intersperse snippets of theology, mostly as Jack and Glory converse. The two muse on what a soul is and whether one can help save another. It's nothing too heavy, which would have weighed down the narrative, and since this isn't theology thinly masked as story like The Shack, that's all the deeper Robinson is going to take it. Fine by me. Interestingly, the relationship between Jack and his father hasn't been dealt with too much. There are small scenes here and there, but then the father gets tired and wants to go back to bed. I'd expected more interaction from those two.

I've finished Keating, which wasn't hard. In the final chapter, he offers the briefest of treatments to a handful of spiritual practices, and not all of them are necessarily practices: he mentions lectio devina, self-differentiation, staying away from groupthink, and a few others. I may give Keating another shot with another book someday, but maybe not any time soon.

Coffeewife and I watched a little bit of the Country Music Awards this past week. Why? Dunno. But we caught Darius Rucker's performance and Taylor Swift made a joke about Kanye and some other stuff. I've actually become fairly appreciative of country music the past few years, apart from the overly whiny stuff and Toby Keith. But then I found out the next morning that Dave Matthews had made an appearance to duet with Kenny Chesney on his song "I'm Alive." I didn't know that they'd even recorded this song together. So naturally I had to track down the Youtube:

This week I also learned of a DVD coming out entitled "The Rise and Fall of Five Iron Frenzy." Here's a teaser trailer that I found for that:

And the United Church of Christ recently produced a new video explaining our special denominational offering, Our Church's Wider Mission, which was debuted at General Synod, showed up at our Association meeting, and has been making its way around my Facebook friends. So now you have the option of watching it.