Sunday, December 20, 2009

DC Talk Reunite, To Their Dismay

This is from Lark News. On a whim, I searched one day to see if dc Talk had any real plans to reunite, and found this. And I can laugh at it because I'm a fan...and because I have that kind of sense of humor. But seriously, dc Talk: come back.
NASHVILLE — The Christian rap-rock trio DC Talk is re-uniting, much to each member’s chagrin.

"We’re not looking forward to it," says frontman Toby McKeehan. "We fully expect it to be unpleasant."

The band split up in 2000 amid disagreements and lifestyle differences. Toby McKeehan, who has gone by the stage name TobyMac since signing a secret promotional deal with Kraft Foods in 2001, went on to have a successful solo career. He says the reunion tour is "a Sting thing" for him, referring to the singer who flourished as a solo artist before touring again with his former band, The Police.

"If Sting could tolerate Stewart [Copeland] for one more tour, I guess I can get along with these guys," says Mac.

The "other blond guy" in the band, Kevin Max, says he has been "ultra busy, super-super busy, way busy all the time" since DC Talk’s demise. Though his solo music career sputtered he is "totally excited, unbelievably excited" about his latest Christian poetry book, which he is promoting with a poetry-reading tour of Bangladesh, the one place where his writing has found a sizable following.

"Kevin Max will always be there for his bandmates and is willing to lay down his career goals if his band truly needs him," says his publicist, who also indicated she had not been paid in nine months. Max is working hard to reschedule his Bangladesh poetry-reading dates.

The one band-member who appears remotely optimistic about reuniting is Michael Tait who hopes to gain more publicity for his band, Tait, which is currently touring youth camps in southern Kansas.

"This is a great opportunity to energize our solo projects, if we can stand being on stage together for a little while," he said by phone from a rest stop near Wichita. "It also wouldn’t hurt to goose back-catalog sales, ’cause I bought into this whole real estate boom thang."