Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sad News About iMonk

The internet is a funny thing. Years ago when I was a big part of various online discussion forums, occasionally there would be bad news shared about another participant's death or grave sickness. This news would hit harder than one would expect given such an impersonal medium, yet it would also illustrate the possibility of real connection that such a medium can foster.

With that, the latest update about Michael Spencer, aka the Internet Monk, is incredibly sad:
It is with a heavy heart that I bring my latest update on Michael. We have learned that his cancer is too advanced and too aggressive to expect any sort of remission. Our oncologist estimates that with continued treatment Michael most likely has somewhere between six months and a year to live. This is not really a surprise to us, though it is certainly horrible news. From the very beginning, both of us have suspected that this would prove to be an extremely bad situation. I don’t know why; perhaps God was preparing us for the worst all along by giving us that intuition.
I've greatly enjoyed and appreciated Michael's writings over the past five years. I've never met him personally, of course, but I've learned enough about him through reading for this to hit me in a way that just passing through and catching a glimpse of this latest post wouldn't have.

Pray for the Spencer family, and what they will continue to experience over the next months and years.