Other Things I Plan to Do During Sabbatical

~Daily exercise. Daily. Exercise.
~Eating well
~Time enjoyed with family
~Bass guitar
~Beginning days with The Living Book of Daily Prayer
~Visits to coffeeshops, used bookstores, wineries, parks
~Spiritual/vocational direction conversations with colleagues
~Time spent in silence
~Deepening my understanding and use of the labyrinth as a spiritual exercise
~Reading poetry and/or Walden
~Worship with faith communities not necessarily of my own tradition
~Just taking in the spring days
~Large chunks of time with my cellphone turned off and my computer shut down
~Rediscovering my love of astronomy
~Getting tattoo #4

If I get to all of it, good for me. If I skip one or more of these things, save the first three, oh well. That's just how I'm gonna roll.

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