Monday, May 17, 2010

Vintage CC: I'm Sick of Writing

From April 2007.

I'm sick of writing.

I don't want to do it any more.

In fact, I'm so sick of writing that I'm writing this to tell you how much I'm sick of writing.

I'm using this medium to communicate to you how sick I am of using this medium to communicate how sick I am of this medium. And of communicating. With this medium.

It's time to let this blog go and never come back.

Except I will check in from time to time just to make sure that the blog doesn't disappear. I did have some good stuff on here, in my opinion.

But no more new stuff. No. No more. This is the last new stuff that I do.

This will be the last word that I write.

Except "this" wasn't the last word that I wrote.

"Wrote" is.

Now "is" is.

Now "'is' is" is.

Except those were the last two words that I wrote.

Now "wrote" is again.

Or was.

Now "was" was.

Or is.

But anyway, no more writing. I'm sick of it.

I'm gone. Forever.

Not physically. Or metaphysically. Just blog-aphysically.

I made up a word just now.

I'm sick of making up new words.

I just want to use the same old crappy ones.

And I'm just going to say them. No more writing them. Because I'm sick of writing.

So no more, starting now.

Or right after I post this.

Or after I'm done answering comments from people who want me to stay. Or after I'm done arguing with people who leave comments saying how much they're glad I'm done. Yeah, after I'm done writing about how dumb they are, I'm done.

So done. So very done. Absolutely done. Unequivocally done, done, and really done.

I hope that my writing this showed you how sick I am of writing.

If it didn't, you'll see soon enough.

And if you still don't, I'm going to keep writing until you do.

And then after that I'll stop.