Friday, June 18, 2010

Pop Culture Roundup

I continue reading Dracula, which has become quite engrossing for me. There truly is a different personality at work depending upon which person's point of view one is reading. The best example that I can give is Jonathan Harker's journal: I've found every one of the writings from his point of view to be irritatingly dull. The first couple chapters are entirely from his point of view, and I was considering giving up on the book because of it. I've noticed that this has been a recurring thing every time he pops back in, and I tend to skim his entries as a result.

I watched 12 Rounds this week, just because it was on. This is the second movie starring John Cena (he of WWE and The Marine fame). Cena plays a cop who pursues and captures a notorious arms dealer to open the movie. Unfortunately, the dealer's girlfriend dies during the chase, and the dealer vows to remember. The guy escapes from prison, kidnaps Cena's girlfriend, and forces him into "12 rounds" of stunts that he has to perform in order to try getting her back. This movie was actually better than The Marine (it doesn't take much), even though I see no reason to watch either of them again. Cena is not a horrible actor, but he's not a great one either. As action movies like this go, though, he does well enough. I was impressed by the cleverness of the plot, as it is revealed that the "12 rounds" are more significant than they first appear.

The first episode of the new season of True Blood was on last Sunday. Part of me continues to wonder why I watch this show. Coffeewife's nickname for it is "Train Wreck," which is apt: it's campy and silly and addicting all at once. Anyway, this season picks up right after the last left off: characters deal with the fallout from the last 20 minutes or so of the previous episode. This episode mostly re-established what each of them were doing at that time, with only slight advancement. So it was okay. Time will tell whether I keep caring, but I'll probably watch regardless out of habit stemming from self-loathing.

Entourage starts in over another week. Here's the trailer for that:

Here are Flight of the Conchords singing a song called "Jenny:"