You Might Be a Church Dork If...

Jan at A Church for Starving Artists writes about "church dorkitude." She has some very good commentary on the concept, but I'm not going to get that serious here. I'm just going to go all Jeff Foxworthy and reveal some of my own church dorkitude.

You might be a church dork if...

...starting in June, you eagerly anticipate your new UCC desk calendar... measure time by the liturgical year more than the seasons, school year, or national holidays... can't wait for General Synod to roll around again... of your favorite places to be is in an empty sanctuary... collect Bibles, hymnals and/or books of worship... become giddy when the pastor of another church looking to get rid of its pews half-jokingly offers you one... find the quirks of parsonages charming rather than inconvenient.

So, who's got one they'd like to share?

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