Sunday, August 29, 2010

Michigan Week at POC

This time of year, the blog's focus tends to shift a little bit. Sure, I still strive for the content one tends to expect regarding church and ministry stuff, pop culture on Fridays, commentary on the latest UCC happenings, and whatever else.

But around the beginning of September, there comes more commentary about some sport with a ball that is sort of elliptical-shaped and lots more pictures of guys wearing winged helmets and one week I'm really happy and hopeful and the next week I'm wallowing in the pit of despair and wait a minute, don't you live in Ohio?

College football, baby. Michigan football. In a sense I wait all year for this, more than I'd probably admit or realize.

In the run-up to the first game of the season, I declare this week to be Michigan Week at Philosophy Over Coffee. I've got some posts lined up about why I'm a Michigan fan, my hopes for the season, and some delicious video clips. So stay tuned for that.

Those partial to colors such as scarlet and grey or green and white may want to look away.

Go Blue!